One of the most durable roofing materials for residential roofs is metal. Standing seam metal roofing provides many benefits when replacing asphalt shingles on your home. It is one of the best solutions to replace shingles with more durable materials. The following metal roofing information will give you a better understanding of metal roofs and using these materials on your home:

Standing Seam and Durable Metal Roof Systems

When you are ready to install metal roofing, you want to choose a roof system that lasts. Today, there are choices like shingles and panels, but few options are as durable as standing seam materials. Standing seam metal roofing is great for residential applications because it is durable and lasts for generations. In addition, standing seam metal roofing also has options for different colors with the powder-coated finishes that protect the surface of new roofs.

Improving Roof Design to Prevent Roof Leaks

The roof of your home probably has areas where there are problems with excessive runoff or water traps. When installing metal roofing, these areas can become vulnerable to leaks and damage. Therefore, there are some changes that you will want to make in these areas before installing metal roofing. The areas where runoff collects should have slight changes to redirect water, as well as be well-reinforced with a rubber membrane to prevent leaks in these areas.

Reinforcements and Energy-Efficient Roof Underlayments

There are also a lot of options to reinforce the standing seam roofing in areas where it is most vulnerable. First, you will want to use an energy-efficient underlayment like rigid insulated sheathing or plywood with thermal backing. It is also important to use rubber membranes for moisture barriers. These specially designed metal roofing membranes should have properties that seal around fasteners and punctures to prevent leaks. These materials need to be installed beneath the conventional flashing and metal roofing materials to make your new roof more resistant to leaks.

Installation of Standing Seam Roofing and Care to Reduce Wear

The installation of the standing seam roofing is the last step in your roof replacement project. This should include installation of the custom metal materials and fasteners, and then testing the new roof for installation damage and leaks. After the installation is complete, keep your roof clean to reduce wear and inspect it annually to repair minor problems that occur with normal wear.

The right metal roofing solutions will give your home a look you want with durable and energy-efficient materials. If you are ready to replace your shingles with a standing seam roof, contact a residential metal roofing contractor to start planning the job.