Log homes are popular and appealing. However, they can also get expensive if you don't know how to bring costs down. If you have a budget you need to stick to with your log home construction project. you need to avoid mistakes that will push up the costs.

The following are six mistakes to avoid that increase the price of log home construction. 

Trying to construct a log home with excess square footage

Coziness is part of the charm of log homes. If you cut back on the square footage, you might actually improve the look and feel of your log home while also cutting back on the price tag. In particular, keep the width of your log home down. If you keep the width small enough, you can avoid added expenses regarding support beams.

Overlooking land-clearing costs

Log homes are of course often constructed on wooded lots. As a result, one of the major costs of log home construction is often clearing the land the house will be built on. 

Land clearing can actually be one of the most significant costs of a log home building project. Therefore, you should pay attention to ways to bring down land clearing costs where possible. Minimize the amount of land that you clear and do any necessary land clearing work yourself when possible to save money. 

Creating an excessively long driveway

You might be tempted to lengthen your driveway for the sake of privacy. However, a longer driveway means more land to clear and more to spend on grading and compacting. By shortening your driveway, you could significantly bring down the costs of your log home construction project. 

Choosing anything other than a rectangular design

Irregularly shaped log cabin home designs are going to cost more to build than traditionally designed log cabin homes. If you add more complexity to your design, you will increase costs. Opt for a standard and traditional log home with a rectangular design for greatest cost effectiveness. 

Designing for high ceilings throughout the entire home

A lot of future log home owners want to incorporate a cathedral ceiling into the design of their home. However, cathedral ceilings tend to be pricey.

If you do want a cathedral ceiling, you should limit it to the great room area and not try to incorporate high ceilings into other rooms of your home. High ceilings throughout the entire log home will probably get prohibitively expensive. 

Choosing a custom design rather than a stock plan

One of the easiest ways to bring costs down is to opt for a stock plan log home. The cost of creating a custom design is significantly more than using a stock design. Also, construction itself will be more costly and complicated if you opt for a custom design.

Contact a company that builds log homes in your area to learn more.