If it's time to paint the interior of your home, but you weren't quite satisfied with your choices last time, you need to find a new way to choose your color schemes. Choosing the right interior paint for your home doesn't have to cause a headache. Follow the simple tips provided here to help you choose the perfect interior paint colors for your home.

Choose a Complete Color Palette 

If you've ever spent time in the paint department, you're familiar with the color strips that are available to experiment with. What you might not be familiar with is a creative way to use those sample strips. Each strip contains colors that are designed to accentuate each other. When choosing paint for your home, choose colors from the same palette. That way, you know you're getting colors that are sure to complement each other.

Pick Colors from Your Fabrics

If you're looking for the perfect accent colors for your home, look at the fabrics you've selected for your upholstery and window coverings. Those patterns will provide you with a wide assortment of accent colors that will blend perfectly with your interior design. If you've decided on a neutral color for your room, choose a color from your fabric for a splash of wall color. The accent color will provide the perfect focal point for your room. 

Direct Your Eyes toward the Ceiling

If you're thinking of going two-tone in your home, or you have ceilings that aren't as tall as you'd like them to be, choose your tones carefully. Many people choose to put the darkest color closer to the ceiling. Unfortunately, that can lead to a room that feels closed in and ceilings appearing much shorter than they actually are. To give your room more space, always place the lighter paint on the top layer, closer to the ceiling. 

Choose Colors to Dress by

If you're not sure what colors to pick for your home or you always end up with color choices that you're just not happy with, take a look in your closets. Your closets contain clothes that you've picked out for yourself and for your family members. That means they've been chosen in colors that you find appealing. Choosing interior paint from the color schemes you've selected for your clothing will help you avoid choosing a color that you don't particularly like. 

Don't let choosing interior paint turn into a stressful situation. The tips described above will take the hassle out of finding the perfect interior paint for your home. 

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