Whether your business is throwing away seemingly useless items or planning a renovation, you likely have materials that can serve a better purpose than ending up in landfills. Talking with a commercial recycling center can help you determine which items can serve a new purpose.

Food Waste

Some homeowners turn their food waste into compost, which is an excellent way to make nutrient-rich soil for the garden. Imagine the amount of soil that could be made from restaurant waste or the landscaping and maintenance of large businesses. Since restaurants frequently go through many pounds of fresh produce, some of which may start going bad before it is used, turning the produce into compost is the ideal way to prevent food from going to waste. The nutrient-rich compost can nourish community gardens that, in turn, sell items at the local farmer's market or donate a percentage of the food to food banks. Other material that can be used for compost includes lawn clippings and leaves. Large commercial buildings likely have hundreds of pounds of lawn clippings and leaves each season that might otherwise end up in the trash.


Many electronics and appliances have small components that should not end up in the landfill because they can leech chemicals that may eventually contaminate groundwater. At minimum, these items should be disposed of in a safe manner. Small pieces of metal or glass can be reused in other electronic components and glass can be melted down to make new glass. With some businesses upgrading their electronics frequently, there are many computers, servers, and monitors that can be used by people for education or job training. Large appliances, such as commercial refrigerators or washing machines, could easily find a new home in homeless shelters or a food pantry. Many shelters, food pantries, and other community organizations can find it impractical to have fresh food, simply because they cannot keep items refrigerated.

Building Materials

Some organizations can benefit from building materials, such as those that help build affordable homes for low-income people, assist seniors with household repairs, or make a home accessible to someone with a disability. These materials may be sold by the organization with the profits going toward building or repairing homes, or the materials can be recycled to cut down the cost of materials. For example, tearing down a brick wall to expand your business could easily result in many salvageable bricks that could be used for a walkway or porch. Concrete and the underlying rebar is another salvageable material that can become part of a new concrete wall or be placed under pavement to add support. Salvageable wood can be come a ramp for someone newly in a wheelchair that would otherwise be unable to return to their home.

Most businesses have items of value that can serve a better purpose than going to the landfill. By contacting a commercial recycling service, you can do your part to help the environment and have a positive impact on those around you.

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