If you want an affordable, durable and versatile fence for your business, chain link fencing is the right choice. The problem is that the chain link materials do not always give you the privacy you want after it has been installed. Therefore, you will want to do different things and DIY projects to help add attractive privacy solutions to your new fence. The following tips will help you add privacy to your new chain link fence where you want it: 

Slats and Lattice That Can Be Integrated in Fencing or Installed Later  

Lattice is one of the best ways to add privacy to your chain link fence because it is easy to install and can also be used for other features, such as a skirt around a deck. You can also make lattice privacy panels to divide outdoor spaces and reduce visibility from outside of the fenced area. In addition, a chain link fence can also be bought with slats between the links to give you privacy when the new fence is installed.  

Use Green Covering and Vertical Gardens to Add Plants and Privacy to Your Landscaping  

The easiest way to make chain link fence more private is to plant climbing vines, like ivy, and let them grow over the fence. You may also want to consider other plants that are easier to care for like shrubs, or use vertical garden designs that help provide the privacy you need while giving you an attractive green design for your fence.  

Natural Cane, Bamboo and Wood Fence Coverings to Add the Privacy To Outdoor Spaces  

There are also many natural fence covering materials that can be used to add privacy to your fence. These materials are commonly made of reed cane and bamboo, but they also come in rolls of thin wood strips, synthetic materials, and other natural plant materials. This is a great way to add an affordable and attractive cover to fencing in your outdoor green space areas.  

Textile Windscreens and Decorative Covering to Give Chain Link Fencing More Privacy  

The easiest and most affordable solution to give your chain link fence privacy is to install a windscreen. These are the outdoor textile fabrics that can be attached to fencing to reduce visibility. Windscreens come in a variety of colors and designs that can give your chain link fence an attractive finish and more privacy.  

These are some of the different ways that you can add privacy to your new chain link fence. If you are ready to add a durable and affordable fence to your business, contact a commercial fence company and talk to them about solutions that can give your new fence more privacy.