Before you get ready to finish a basement, you want to make sure everything is ready. To prepare for a basement remodeling project, you are going to want to start outside of your home. There are a lot of improvements that you will want to make to the exterior of your home, to prevent problems with water and moisture. The following tips will help you prepare the exterior of your home to get ready for your basement remodeling project:

1. Improving the Watershed to Ensure Runoff Drains Away from Your Foundation

A you get started preparing your basement to be finished, you will want to make sure your landscaping has good runoff. This may mean that you need to make changes to the elevations of the terrain and add drainage lines that allow water to flow away from your foundation and prevent erosion and structural damage to your home. If you are dealing with difficult terrain, you may want to consider adding features like dry-wells to retain the runoff that flows away from your home's foundation.

2. Exterior Drainage Improvements That Help Keep Water Away from The Basement

The foundation of your home needs to have a good drainage system, which should be a combination of drainage systems. First, the foundation should have a good French drain system that prevents erosion at the footings. It is also important to keep areas like gutter downspouts and other runoff from your home away from the foundation.

3. Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Systems That Protect Your Basement from Damage

Waterproofing systems are also and important way to protect your basement from moisture problems and water damage. To start, you will want to make improvements to the exterior waterproofing. These improvements can include modern systems that use synthetic membranes that help protect your home from damage.

4. Landscaping Improvements to Help Protect Your Foundation from Damage

There are also improvements that need to be done to the landscaping of your home. First, you will want to consider improvements with hardscaping near the foundation that provide drainage and prevent water damage. In addition, you will want to make sure that the plants near your home do not have invasive roots that cause damage to your home's foundation that can lead to leaks.

These are some tips to help you with the exterior improvements your home is going to need before finishing the basement. If you are ready to remodel your basement, contact an exterior waterproofing service for help with the improvements the exterior of your home needs.