Whether you need to dig a pond to provide livestock with water, excavate a site to build a home, or just do some digging and leveling to improve your property, one or more pieces of heavy equipment will likely be needed.

Since buying your own bulldozer or earth mover is usually not financially feasible for the average property owner, using an excavation service is a more cost-efficient option. If you are interested in hiring this type of professional service for the first time, here are some important things to consider. 

Space and access

If you have never before had excavation work performed on your property, you will need to make sure of a few things before you schedule the work, including where the equipment can safely access the property, park, and be loaded or unloaded for hauling.

Depending on the scope of the excavation work you are having done, the excavation service may need to bring in one or more pieces of heavy equipment that are each much larger than standard vehicles.

Since these machines can have widths in excess of most standard gates and driveways, you will want to get measurements from the excavation company and compare those with the gates and access roads on your property that will be traveled during the course of the work. In addition, you will also want to make sure power lines or overhanging tree branches will not be a problem for the equipment operator.

Insured and bonded

While excavation companies and other service contractors strive to meet and exceed their customer's expectations on every job they do, accidents can happen. Before making any hiring decision, property owners should always verify that excavation companies and other service contractors are properly bonded and insured. 

Services and Experience

Many companies offer additional services that may also be useful for you to consider. Some of these include demolition, hauling, and recycling. Using an excavation company to handle additional work can often be less expensive than hiring a separate company to do so. 

Before finalizing any work agreement with an excavation service, remember to ask for references from past clients and take time to verify them. Doing this will give you better insight into how the contractor interacts with their clients and the quality of their work. 

Now that you know a bit more about the hiring process, you are ready to begin your search by contacting a reputable excavation service contractor in your area and askng them to meet with you to discuss your plans.