A building made from bricks can make an excellent storefront. Bricks convey a sort of rustic, traditional appearance, which can be perfect for outdoor industries like fishing stores, pet supply stores, and landscaping stores. Bricks also require a lot less maintenance than materials like wood; they don't need to be painted, and they won't attract termites. However, that does not mean your brick building will never need work. Here are four signs your building needs masonry work done.

1. Bulging Bricks

Look up and down the exterior of your building's walls. Do you see any areas where the bricks seem to be bowing out from the wall, as if there is a bubble behind them? This can happen when water starts seeping through the bricks, causing swelling in the plaster behind them. Your mason may need to remove the bricks, repair the plaster, and then re-mortar the bricks to repair the damage.

2. Vertical Cracks

If some of the bricks are developing vertical cracks, this is not a good sign. The bricks are probably cracking because they are being forced to support more weight than they can tolerate. Once a few bricks crack, others will continue cracking since they have to pick up some of the load from the other cracked bricks. The sooner you address this issue, the better. You don't want to have to replace an entire wall of brick, which may be necessary if you allow the cracking to perpetuate.

3. Missing Mortar

A tiny bit of mortar chipping out here and there is not a huge deal. However, big chunks of missing mortar are. Soon, the bricks themselves will start falling away without mortar holding them in place. This is not good for your building, and it does not look good, either. Luckily, your mason can probably replace the mortar without having to remove any of the bricks themselves.

4. Water Inside the Building

Pay attention to the interior of your building, too. If you have noticed some moisture in the walls, mysterious mold popping up near the walls, or bubbling paint on the outside walls, your bricks may no longer be protecting the building from moisture. There may be a few missing bricks your mason needs to replace, or they might just need to apply more mortar in some places.

Contact a commercial masonry service to come look your building over. They can ensure any issues are dealt with before they get too serious.