There are a variety of different types of siding that a homeowner can choose for their house. The different types of siding vary in price, aesthetics, and durability. Among the many options, three common types of siding are vinyl, brick, and metal. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with all three of them.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular choice of siding. Many homeowners choose vinyl siding because it is durable and affordable. Not only is the material cheaper than other types of siding, but also it costs less to install vinyl siding. Another advantage of vinyl is the variety in colors and shapes. Vinyl is also easy to clean. Vinyl is water resistant. However, if you are looking for a completely waterproof option, vinyl siding will not be the right choice for you.

Vinyl siding is prone to dents. It can be difficult for homeowners to replace dented sheets of vinyl. Vinyl siding is not a good insulation material for colder months. The homeowner will need to invest more on insulating their house before choosing to apply vinyl siding.

Brick Siding

One of the major advantages of brick siding is the longevity. Brick siding can last well over a century. While vinyl siding may bend due to weather conditions, brick siding fares well. While brick siding is aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the most expensive types of siding to consider for your house. Brick siding is fire resistant and insect resistant. While brick siding can be painted, it will be difficult to return back to the original look.

Brick siding provides a great barrier to noise pollution. Brick siding will increase the valuation of the house. Brick siding will not dent like vinyl or metal. It is a low-maintenance siding. However, repair costs can be expensive.

Metal Siding

There are different types of metal siding. Most homeowners choose between aluminum or steel. Like vinyl siding, metal siding is prone to dents. Homeowners choose metal siding because it does not require a lot of maintenance. However, one major disadvantage with steel siding is rusting. On the other hand, aluminum siding will not rust.

Metal siding is more expensive than vinyl siding. It is durable and fares well under different weather conditions. Also, like brick siding, metal siding is fire and insect resistant. A homeowner can paint metal siding to change its color. For cooler weather, metal siding does not provide the best heat insulation, raising energy costs. However, in the summer, metal siding is more successful at deflecting the heat.

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