Planning a party takes a lot of time, money, and supplies. The basics, like plates and cups, you buy, but for everything else, it is a good idea to rent instead. Party rentals can be rented from just about any store that offers tables, chairs, linens, bubble machines, fog machines, etc. However, it is exceptionally smart to rent all of your party needs from one place. Here are the benefits for renting everything from one store.


People like convenience. They do not like running to five or six different stores to get what they need. Most rental stores try to have an overabundance of supplies for renting, which reduces the inconvenience of running everywhere. Pick a store that has everything you want to rent, and rent it all there.


Some rental stores offer customers really big discounts for renting everything from their one store. For example, you might get an offer of twenty or thirty percent off your full rental cost when you rent ten or twenty tables, and enough chairs to go around the tables, plus any additional equipment you need (e.g., tents, disco balls, linens, fog machines, etc.). The more you rent from that one store offering discounts, the more you save. 

Truck Delivery

If you rent enough stuff, some party rental stores will actually load it on delivery truck and bring it all to you. This is a really great benefit, when you can get it, because then you do not have to worry about asking a friend or family member if you can borrow his/her truck. You also do not have to worry about making several trips with said truck because the store brings it all on one box truck or in a cargo van. There may be a small delivery fee, but the fee is worth it. Additionally, if the store drops off, they may also provide pick-up service.

Set-up and Take-Down

Set-up and take-down service is less common than all of the above benefits, but if you are already extremely busy with this party, these services are a godsend. If your party rentals store offers them, you might seriously want to consider accepting and/or paying the fee for it, especially if you are renting a large party tent that will need more than two people to set up. All you have to do is mark where you want the party store crew to set up for the party.