Tracking mortgages in your areas when looking to buy a house is absolutely necessary. In fact, it is a recommended activity, especially if you are contemplating on taking one. Here are several ways to effectively do your tracking.

Your Local Bank or Lender

If you have identified a piece of real estate that you are happy about and you are considering making a purchase you can always call or walk into your local bank and find out from the mortgages section what their rates are. You will be directed to a salesperson who will answer all your mortgage questions including mortgage rates for the particular property that you may have in mind.

Since mortgage approval is highly dependent on the individual property, consider getting mortgage surveys on a property you're really interested in. That will tell you right away if a property you're interested in would be deemed worthy for a loan by banks; otherwise, you may track mortgage rates, only to be disappointed at a rejection later. 


First, if you know anyone in your circle of influence, friend or family, who has recently bought a house through a mortgage, it would not hurt to find out from them how the process of getting the mortgage was like and what mortgage rates they might be paying together with which company, or bank they got it from.

Second, arrange to have a chat with someone who has bought a house and has been servicing a mortgage for some time. Drawing from their ongoing experience offers you insight into how to go about getting a mortgage and what to look out for. It also equips you with the pertinent questions to ask your financial company when it the time comes for you settle on a mortgage.

Real Estate Agencies

A real estate agent might be a good resource to gather some valuable information from regarding mortgage rates in your area. Make a visit to a renowned real estate vendor in your area and pose as an interested buyer of property. This may just be the way to get some valuable inside information.

Real estate agents will tend to have a good handle on the latest mortgage rates in your area. Also, it is likely that certain brand new housing projects that they are selling. like gated communities and apartments, will tend to have specific partners in banks or mortgage companies who are offering willing buyers mortgage services. By acquiring this information and calling the said banks, you will have a pretty clear picture of the mortgage rates they are offering for a particular housing project in your area.

The same way one may shop for health insurance, or a new car from several dealers, is the same way one ought to track mortgage rates in their area of interest. Asking those who are already servicing one, as well as walking into a few lenders to see whether you are eligible and what their mortgage rates are will give you straightforward answers.

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