What's better than a lawn that basically takes care of itself? The answer is not much. Artificial turf grass is a care-free solution that offers a beautiful lawn year-round. While praiseworthy, most people don't want anyone to know they have artificial turf. If this is a concern of yours, learn how to find natural-looking turf.


It's true that you get what you pay for. If you're looking for artificial turf based on low cost alone, don't expect to find a realistic looking selection. Low priced options that are similar in their quality level are often made from poor quality materials that scream fake.

While there is no price point to aim for and it doesn't mean that a low-price tag spells trouble, it's best to look for those options that lead with high quality rather than just a low cost.


When you look at real grass, it doesn't exactly look dull, but it's also not shining like it's been coated with oil. Real grass only shines when wet. For a more realistic installation, avoid turf options with high shine.

To piggyback off the previous tip, high sheen is generally synonymous with low quality. So, low quality, cheap options will have a high shine level. If the turf is glistening, you might want to keep looking.

Grass Selection

Before shopping for artificial turf, do a little research. Find out what grass types are native to your local area. Take centipede grass, for example. This grass type is ideal for warmer climates like Florida and coastal areas of South Carolina.

If you're a homeowner in Montana, the local environment will not support this type of grass, so if you choose this type of artificial turf, it might send off a red flag that it's not real; especially if the grass is just as green in December as it is July.


The coloring of the grass also plays a part in its believability level. Similar to the type of grass you choose, it's good to take cues from the local environment. Take the Midwest, for example.

In this region, the grass is often in a deep-green hue. However, in the deep south and gulf coast area, the grass is often in a lighter-green color. Choose artificial turf that resembles the color of grass native to your local area.

Follow these tips to find turf grass that looks just like the real thing. Contact a supplier, like Bourget Bros. Building Materials, for help.