When you're choosing awnings for your residence, you may be drawn to those that are retractable. Retractable awnings are desirable to many homeowners. While you can leave these awnings in the open position whenever you want, some people favor closing them when they're not needed. For example, if you have a large awning over your patio, you might open it to provide shade when you go outside, and then close it before you go back in. As you browse the available retractable awnings, you'll often come across those that operate with an electric motor. This type can be enticing, but there are several reasons that a retractable awning that you operate by hand can be a better choice:

It's Less Prone To Problems

Although the retractable mechanism in a manual awning could technically have problems, the reality is that its simplicity means that it should last a very long time. This isn't necessarily the case with a retractable awning that is operated by an electric motor. It's possible for the motor to break down or suffer some other problem that requires having a repair technician visit your home to assess the problem. This issue will cost you money and may result in the awning being inoperable for a period of time. A manual awning should carry less of a risk of breaking down.

It Doesn't Need A Power Source

When your installation contractor is setting up your awning, the job itself isn't overly difficult. However, when you choose a product that operates electrically, the installation process gets a little more involved. In addition to mounting the awning itself, your contractor will need to connect it to your home's electrical system. In some areas, there may be a plug nearby. In other cases, the contractor will potentially need to run wires through the walls — and this makes the job longer and more complicated.

It's Likely Cheaper

Although you may occasionally be able to find a motorized awning on sale, the reality is that this product is generally more expensive than its manual counterpart. Although the price difference might not be extensive, you need to remember that if you're thinking about buying several retractable awnings for use above different windows and doors throughout your house, the purchase bill can quickly escalate when you're opting for the electric model. By focusing on manual retractable awnings, you'll be able to keep to your budget more easily.

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