There are many different ways to add some character and utility to your home. In fact, the options can truly be endless and that can make it hard to decide what to do. One really fun idea is to add an aluminum sunroom to your home. A sunroom is a great way to enjoy the feeling of outside without the weather or bugs. When considering a sunroom you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options that will make your sunroom an addition you will enjoy for a very long time. 

Three Or Four Season Sunroom

There are two different types of sunrooms that are can be available to you. A three season aluminum sunroom is not designed to be heated and cooled year around, but adds a great addition to the home for the spring through the fall. A four season aluminum sunroom is is engineered to be both heated and cooled year around. The four season is going to be more expensive because of the extra engineering and insulation costs. Either type of sunroom that you choose is going to be a very nice addition to your home and will be used for years to come.

High Grade Glass

The windows that are utilized in the sunroom are double paned windows that have been engineered to keep your sunroom weatherproof. The double paned glass can block more ultraviolet rays than normal glass, but if you add a window tint the glass can effectively block almost all ultraviolet rays. This keeps the cool air in and hot air out during the summer, and cold air out and warm air in during the winter. If you purchase the double pane glass that utilizes argon gas you will be able to weatherproof your home even better, as the argon gas inhibits heat transfer.

Roof Options

In order to make your sunroom complete you are going to have many different options for your roof. In fact, a sunroom can utilize and modify an existing roof. However if you do not have a roof that is completely fine. You are going to have the ability to choose almost any type of roof, from a single slope to a gabled roof. Another feature that is extremely nice to have is windows right in your roof. This will allow for the maximum amount of light into your sunroom, and always know that these are double paned windows. 

Contacting a construction contractor, such as Rollins Construction, could be a great way to learn what's common in your area as well as what kind of sunroom would work well for your home.