Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house.  It keeps the elements at bay and provides a secure covering that protects you and your family.  However, like most things, roofs have a lifespan.  It can be very easy to neglect your roof and not know when it's time to get it replaced.  Rather than waiting until your roof is on its last legs, use this information to learn more about the signs that it's time to get a new covering.

Your Shingles Are Curling Or Buckling

One of the telltale signs that you need a new roof is when your shingles start to curl and buckle.  You'll notice that the shingles begin to look much different than they used to.  This means that it's time to take action.

Your shingles can only take so much wear and tear before they start to fold.  The shingles are exposed to heat, rain and snow, and all of these elements can start to take their toll on them.  When the shingles start to buckle, it means that they are in the beginning phases of deterioration.  They've dealt with all of the outdoor elements that they possibly can stand, and need to be replaced.  You may even see some of the shingles on the ground.  They've been dislocated because it's time to replace them.

Daylight Comes Through Your Roof Boards

Another sign that you need a new roof is when you notice that daylight is shining through your roof boards.  This sign can be easy to miss, especially if you rarely make a trip into your attic.

It's important to go up into the highest part of your house on a regular basis to make sure that your roof is still intact.  Even if there isn't any rain water coming through or if your roof doesn't have noticeable cracks or tears.  There could still be an issue going on that you're not able to readily detect.  Make it a point to go into your attic to make sure that you're not able to see sunlight through your roof.  If you see light shining through the roof boards, call in a roofing specialist so you can get your roof replaced immediately.

Knowing when to replace your roof doesn't have to be difficult if you just know what to do.  If any one of these signs crops up, call in a roofing contractor, like Economy Roofing, right away so you can get the help you need.