As a construction company, you may be required to put in bids on contracts. The bid will include the cost of the project, the time that you will need to complete the project, and what services you will provide. If you want your contract to stand out, you can provide apartment buildings with several services that may be out of the ordinary. Here are three services to offer for a contract for renovating an apartment building. 

Traffic directors

One of the biggest headaches for the residents and staff of an apartment complex is the driving and parking situation during renovations. If an apartment building is being renovated and parking or driving routes for residents need to be changed, you must set out proper traffic cones and signs. Yet another service that you should offer in your contracts are traffic directors. Having these people with your construction crew can help ensure that residents know where to go and that traffic never gets held up due to confusion. 

Outdoor tenting and fencing

If the apartment complex is having some of the common areas renovated that residents would ordinarily use, this could take away all of the gathering spaces. If you want to be able to have the necessary time to work on your project for the common areas, one thing you can do is provide a temporary space. In your contract, offer a tented pavilion during the times that you will be working on the common areas so that residents still have a space to congregate. This can keep residents happy, plus ensure no one attempts to enter your nearly-done common spaces before you reopen them. 

Free pothole pavement

If you are bidding on a large contract, throwing in a small service for free can give you and your company a boost towards the top of the pile. One service that you can offer will help yourself and the apartment complex. Throw in a free service of refilling small holes and potholes that are in the apartment complex. The reason why this is a good service is because you can use leftover concrete from this job or others to fill holes, making the cost nominal for you. Filling the holes also means that the environment for driving and walking is safer for your machines and workers. This small service will make your job easier plus make your contract more desirable, which is a win-win.

If you will also be installing fire sprinkler systems as part of your construction project, consider contacting a company like Fire Extinguisher Service Center for assistance.