If you are having AC problems in your home, you may be able to make it through the day in a hot house, but once night falls, trying to get some sleep all while drenched in a pool of sweat can be almost impossible. There is nothing comfortable about feeling too hot and this can make it extremely difficult to get any rest when you go to bed and your home's AC is on the fritz. Here are a few things you can do to help you stay cool enough to get some sleep in the summer with no air conditioner.  

Sleep under a dampened sheet.

Years ago, when people had no air, it was actually common practice to just dampen a sheet before bedtime and drape it over you while you were sleeping. Usually by the time the sheet completely dried, you would be fast asleep. Dip a flat sheet in water and moisten it just enough that the entire sheet is damp. Just as you are about to crawl in bed, pull this moistened cover over you. 

Use a bucket of ice for a quick cooldown. 

Fill a mop bucket or large bowl with ice cubes and place the bucket in front of a fan. If you have a fan small enough to stand on a nightstand, this will work well. If not, situate the fan and ice bucket on a chair to put them at the same level as you while on the bed. As the fan blows air across the ice in the bucket, it changes the temperature, essentially giving you an air conditioner. 

Open two windows and direct a fan outside. 

If your bedroom has two windows, you can create a good circulation of air flow that will help you stay cooler. Open both windows and place a fan in one of them, with the fan being pointed outward to blow air from inside the room out through the window. As the fan blows out hot air, outside air will also be pulled through the second window due to a slight vacuum effect, which will provide a fair amount of air circulation. 

Sleeping with no AC in the summer months is definitely no dream. If you are having issues with your home's air conditioner, contact an HVAC service tech, like Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc, for information about making repairs and ask about other creative ways you can stay cool while you wait for repairs.