When it comes to home window replacement in your home, you need to consider your budget and style. Of course, these two factors don't always intersect. Some products are very stylish, but they re also very expensive and difficult to maintain. Other products might not be as stylish, but they are much easier on your pocketbook. There are a few window products that are both stylish and affordable. This article explains why fiberglass windows are an option that homeowners should look into.

Fiberglass Window Styles

First of all, it is important to Point out that fiber glass windows come in many great colors. Some people think the fiberglass as a material that is mainly white and looks like plastic. In fact, fiberglass windows can be painted any color imaginable. Of course, custom painted windows are obviously more expensive then choosing a prefabricated color at the store. In addition to solid colors, fiberglass windows can also be capped with a printed laminate finish. This allows homeowners to achieve the look of real wooden windows. The prints are fairly convincing and they look very good from afar. But, when you look close you will obviously notice that they are not real wood. Regardless, the colors and styles available in fiberglass are hard to match.

Fiberglass Durability and Maintenance

Fiber glass windows are not just painted within normal oil based paints and stains. Instead, they have an electrostatic finish that makes them very durable and fade resistant. An electrostatic paint finish not only adds color to the frame, it also protects it and makes it weatherproof. In the long run, the durable finish on fiberglass is probably what makes it so attractive to most homeowners. Fiberglass is a material that never needs to be painted or stain. Also, you can simply clean it with most common household cleaners. Basically, you don't need to invest a bunch of time or money to keep up your fiber glass windows. The durable finish on fiberglass window frames also makes it ideal for sliding fixtures. A fiberglass window frame can slide back and forth without any lubrication or metal tracks.

It is easy to see why fiberglass is a great option for most homeowners. It is one of the few materials that can be stylish and durable at the same time. Best of all, you will save a lot of money over the years through the reduced maintenance of this great product.