Radiant heat is an extremely popular and versatile system for heating your home and can provide benefits that forced-air and other types of heating cannot compete with. When you use radiant heating, you will be relying on a network of water pipes or electric pads within the walls and floors of your home to provide you with your heat. 

This works by having the pads or pipes heat the floor and walls first, at which point the heat will radiate off of those surfaces and into the rest of your home. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a radiant heating system.

Avoid Wasting Energy

One major reason to utilize a radiant system is that it can help you avoid wasting energy whenever you are heating your home. Most other heating systems on the market are designed to heat your home rapidly by pumping hot air into every corner of the home at once. The problem with this approach is that the heating system will be using energy to heat rooms that are not currently occupied. 

When you install a radiant heating system, you will be able to designate heating zones for the system to follow. These zones can be programmed however you like, from setting up a different zone for each level of the house to having separate zones for the bedrooms and living areas. This will allow you to activate a heating zone that will only heat the designated areas while ignoring the rest of the house, thus allowing you to avoid heating empty rooms as much as possible.

Avoid Air Pollution

Another reason to consider this type of heating system is to avoid polluting or contaminating the air within your home. When a traditional furnace-based heating system is used, you will need to rely on fans and a duct network to move air around the house.

The problem is that those ducts provide a great place for dust and debris to collect over time. This means that when the fans turn on to distribute hot air throughout the house, the dust and debris will often be blown along with the hot air. This can lead to dust gathering on all of your furniture, musty smells, and even health issues.

Some of the health issues that indoor air pollution can cause include rashes, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems. Radiant heating is not going to provide a place for dust to gather, nor will it spread any dust throughout the house because it does not rely on either fans or ducts to heat the rooms of your home.

Contact a heating professional or contractor—like those at Able Plumbing-Pumps & Well Service and other locations—in order to get a quote for a radiant heating system and to discuss the benefits that this kind of system can provide. A radiant heating system can help you save money by helping you to avoid wasting energy while also keeping your indoor air pollution levels as low as possible.