If you're looking to get your business or shop up and running quickly, a pre-engineered metal building is a great investment. Manufactured to strict specifications, you can be sure that you're getting exactly what you see. Unfortunately, many people dismiss these durable, cost-effective buildings as an option because the idea of steel conjures thoughts of industrial, cold, grey environments. The truth is, metal buildings don't have to be monotone and dark. Here are some tips to brighten things up in the work space and give your metal building a whole new atmosphere.

Reflect the Existing Light

If you cover the inside of the roof with a light-reflective material or bright white interior paint, it will help to reflect light back down to the space below. This can help to brighten the area by optimizing the ambient light that's present in the building. This is an ideal way to make the most of limited interior lighting. You can use the same type of coating on the outside of the roof to reflect sunlight away, keeping it cooler inside.

Capitalize on Natural Light

One of the best things that you can do to keep pre-engineered metal buildings from seeming drab and grey is to capitalize on the natural light sources available to you. There are several ways that you can do this. Consider one or all of them for the best possible final result.

  1. Skylight – Skylights replace sections of the roof with clear windows, providing a source for sunlight to pass through into the building. You can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small ornamental-style windows to much larger units. If you're going to opt for skylights though, make sure everything is installed professionally for the proper reinforcement and sealing.  
  2. Clear Panels – If you are thinking on a grander scale than skylights, you might find that you want to replace entire sections of your roof or even the walls of the building with clear panels. These large translucent sections allow a vast amount of natural light into the building, and because they are actual building panels, they slide right into place where standard metal panels already exist. Simply remove the solid panel and replace it with the translucent one. These panels are made from clear poly materials, and they are a great way to get the added light without risking leaks like you may encounter with a skylight.

As you can see, there are many different ways to let the light in to your metal building and make the most of it once it's there. Talk with your metal building fabricator before you invest so that you know what other choices you might have as well.

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