Your AC unit is probably your most essential major appliance during the blistering summer heat. However, the outdoor metal box that houses the condenser can quickly turn into an unsightly distraction that you'd rather have removed during your backyard summer barbecues.

The bulky metal box that is responsible for cooling your home could be an eyesore in your garden. Luckily, there are various creative ways you can disguise your outdoor AC unit, and probably even turn that eyesore into valuable space or a complementing feature to your exterior decor. Read on to learn how you can do just that.

Fence it in

A simple way to cover up an outdoor AC unit is to build a decorative fence around it. An attractive, open-slat fence design can not only hide the metal box, but also increase the curb appeal of your yard.

A vinyl picket fence could be a good choice for concealing your condenser, as it would require minimal maintenance and landscaping while also instantly creating a warm, contemporary outdoor look that is both welcoming and appealing. A fence around your outdoor AC can also serve to keep children and pets away from delicate refrigerant lines in the condenser, as well as shield the AC blower from strong winds.

Structures, trellises and landscaping

Summer provides a unique opportunity to give your entire backyard a makeover in preparation for barbecue season and backyard parties, so you could grab this opportunity to design a system of concealed utility spaces that house your outdoor AC, leaving  the rest of the exterior space open and ready for guests.

A well-ventilated utility closet that houses your AC and other garden tools might be just what you need to improve your backyard scenery. The structure could be designed to blend with your landscaping or garden architecture for a natural look, while hiding your hulking AC unit. Another important function of such a structure would be to protect the unit from the elements. A dedicated AC structure could shield the unit from snow, ice, leaves, grass and other obstructions to free airflow, improving your air conditioning efficiency.

If constructing a dedicated structure or fence for your outdoor AC is a bit out of your budget range, you may consider using a plant scene as a cheaper alternative. Trellis with climbing plants such as flowers, cucumbers, honeysuckle or lilacs could easily cover the AC unit while also adding a beautiful, vertical element to your garden design.

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