Cedar is a great wood for exterior fencing because it is very water resistant. However, even the most durable wooden fence will need a little bit of care and attention over the years. You will inevitably scratch or ding you fence if it surrounds a yard where children are playing, balls are being thrown and lawnmowers are used. This is why it is very useful to learn how to repair cedar wood fences. This article explains a simple but very effective technique for patching and resealing holes in a cedar fence. This simple process could help sustain your fence and prevent small holes from growing into more serious problems.

Identifying and Preparing Holes

Small holes might seem harmless, but they can grow over time. They can let moisture and even termites into the wood grain, causing warping and rotting of the wood. If you can patch small holes in cedar as soon as you spot them, you can guarantee that your fence stays stronger for longer.

If the holes are chunky or splintery, you want to smooth it out before you patch it. Small holes can be sanded down with the corner of sandpaper, or (better yet) a sandpaper sponge. Just knock away any rough spots so the patch has a smooth surface to stick to.

Patching the Hole

When patching cedar, it is very important that you use heavy duty wood filler. Do not use just any wood putty. Find a product that says it is intended for exterior use. Small holes can be easily filled by just spreading the wood filler with your finger. You might need a putty knife for larger holes. To get the patch to match, you will need to get the sandpaper back out. Once the patch is dry, you can carefully blend the patch in.

Stain or Paint the Fence

If you do not restain or paint the patched area, the patch will not last very long. Waterproof stain or paint (depending on how your fence is finished) will seal and protect the wood. Some people restain the entire board (or even the entire fence) when they have to restain patched areas. This is extra work, but is sometimes necessary for matching the old and new stain.

Once you learn this technique, you will be able to fix small holes in your cedar fence with ease. Fix the small holes, before they grow and become harder to fix. To purchase an entirely new fence, contact local providers, such as City Wide Fence Co.