If you want to have a more traditional looking deck, you may want to use materials other than treated pine lumber. Cedar lumber can be a great choice to give your deck a classic look. There are several ways to do this, which can be done with a pressure treated frame and cedar decking and finish details. You can also build the deck completely out if cedar lumber materials. Here are some tips to help you with cedar deck project for your home:

1. Building A Treated Lumber Deck Frame

The most affordable option to build a cedar deck is to use treated pine materials for the framing. These are treated to be resistant to the elements and are often more affordable than large dimension cedar lumber materials. This can also be good if you are building a deck at ground level where the framing will not be seen with the finished design.

2. Getting Cedar Lumber For Deck Framing

Cedar lumber can also be used to build the entire structure of your deck. If you have finished areas beneath your deck, this will give it a uniform look with all cedar construction. It can also be a great choice of materials for other features like timber framed porch enclosures. You can even build the deck framing with larger timbers, and put them on 24" centers to give them more of a rustic look. You will want to use the recommended spans for the materials you plan on using.

Tip: Cedar lumber will often be more affordable from a cedar lumber supplier than from places like big home improvement stores. In addition, these services can often provide you with custom materials and dimensions.

3. Covering Non-Cedar Materials With Fascia And Soffit

If you have used treated pine materials for the deck framing, there are ways that you can mask it with cedar. You can use cedar fascia to wrap posts and faces exposed beams. If the underside of the deck is exposed, and it is covered, there are also cedar soffits available. Even though cedar is weather resistant, you do not want water to be sitting on it. You can also use a dry underlayment for the decking to install cedar soffit beneath a deck. This can be

4. Adding Cedar Decking, Railing And Woodworking To Decks

The finish of your cedar deck can include decking, railings and other cedar details. Cedar decking is usually available in 4" and 6" widths, but many suppliers often can provide specialty dimensions if you need them. They are also usually 5/4" (1.25 inches), but if you have used cedar lumber with wider spans, 2X4 and 2X6 dimensions may be a better choice, and they are the more traditional dimensions used for decking lumber.

Cedar lumber has a warm and inviting tone of red colors and aromas, which is why many people like to use it for different woodworking projects. It can also be a great material to use on the decking of your home. If you want to get started with your deck project, contact a cedar lumber supplier (such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products) to get the materials you need.