At your business, keeping the environment safe is likely one of your priorities. Another important business task is keeping your premises looking good, and that means cleaning your windows. So, how can you prevent window cleaning chemicals from damaging the environment? One way to do this is by changing the cleaner you're using. Here's a few ways to prevent your window cleaning solution from becoming harmful.

Make Your Own Window Cleaners

One of the alternatives to chemical window cleaners is a natural cleaner. Natural window cleaners can be made with liquid detergent, vinegar, and water. To make your own window cleaner with vinegar:

  1. Make a mixture that is primarily water-based. For example, if you use a spray bottle to hold your solution, fill it halfway with water. 
  2. Now, add vinegar to the bottle. It should be around a fourth as much vinegar as water. 
  3. Finally, add a squeeze of liquid detergent or dish-washing liquid. If you would like to measure it out, aim for a two or three spoonfuls. 

You can also make your own window cleaner with citrus peels:

  1. Soak some citrus peels, like those from lemons or oranges, in vinegar for a few weeks.
  2. Once the mixture has a pleasant smell, drain it into a spray bottle until the bottle is around half full.
  3. Add water to fill the remainder of your bottle.

The best thing about this window cleaner is that it doesn't have to be exact. Mix your ingredients until you find a solution that works well on your windows and reacts the way you want. You can make as much or as little of this solution as you want, and none of it will be harmful to the environment.

Hire In A Window Cleaning Company

A window cleaning company like Clearview Maintenance Co. will be able to discuss your options when it comes to cleaning your windows. They have various cleaning products to choose from, so you can discuss your need for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. A few window-cleaning companies use natural or nontoxic window cleaning solutions, and if they do, this should be listed on their websites. By having the company come to you to clean your windows, you can avoid dripping chemicals onto the ground and won't have to worry about mixing up your own sprays. 

Test our your own mixes or work with a company that understands the environment and green industries; whatever you choose, the environment will thank you.