Reduce the amount of garbage that is thrown away at your childcare center by using the following tips. You can teach the children about the importance of conserving materials and you will be able to save money by not needing your dumpster emptied as often.  

Make A Compost Bin To Use In A Small Garden

Create a compost bin to place organic materials, such as vegetable peels, fruit rinds, and egg shells. Mix these items with dry materials, such as paper and cardboard. A plastic container will work well for this project. Seal the bin and wait for the materials to decompose. Stir the items up a couple times a week to aerate the composted materials. Make sure that the items remain moist, adding a small amount of water if it becomes necessary. Plant a small garden and add the compost to the soil to increase the amount of nutrients that are present. 

Buy Food Items In Bulk And Make Meals With Leftovers

Instead of purchasing unnecessary packaging when shopping for groceries, buy larger sized boxes and bottles of the items that are needed at your center. Most of the time, these items are offered at a lower price and will lessen the amount of trash that needs to be thrown away. Purchase refills of items that you use on a regular basis. Get into the habit of cooking smaller portions and refrigerate leftovers immediately. Set aside a couple days each week to use the leftovers. Try out recipes for soups and stews that use the ingredients that you have on hand.

Lessen The Amount Of Paper That Is Wasted

Cover worksheets  and coloring pages with contact paper so that they can be used multiple times. Give each child dry erase marker to use when writing or coloring on them. Once finished, they can be wiped off with a cloth and reused by another child. Pay bills online if possible to reduce the amount of mail that you receive. Request to be taken off of any mailing lists if you are receiving a lot of items that you tend to throw away. 

Practicing these tips will help reduce the amount of trash that is thrown away each week. They are also great methods that can be used as learning tools when teaching the children who are in your care. Use these tips when you are at home to reduce trash, as well. If you are looking for a dumpster rental service for the waste you do produce, talk to a local company, like Metropolis Disposal.