Are you planning a garage door installed this spring? If you are, you may want to consider bumping your new garage door installation up to the winter time. Having your door installed in the winter months has so many advantages both to you and a garage door company like Plano Overhead Garage Door. Here are a few reasons why winter garage door installation may be right for you:

It Can Be Less Expensive

When you install a garage door over the winter, you can really save some money. Since winter is not the typical peak time for garage door installation, you may receive some discounts on the costs of the installation company. You may even find that there are lower prices on the garage door itself. Many companies want to make room in their inventory for the spring rush, so you could find a great older-model garage door marked down to a fantastic price.

The Wait Time is Shorter

Garage door installers are  not usually in a really high demand during the winter time, so the amount of time you have to wait for your door to be installed is often much shorter. You can also have more flexibility in scheduling your installation, whereas you would often find yourself at the mercy of the installers schedule during the busy peak season. Plus, you will be able to plan your spring or summer vacation around your timetable not that of the garage door company!

No Disruptions to You

Spring and summer is when many people like to do a lot of outdoor entertaining or just spend much of their time outside. The last thing you want your guests to have to see is your garage door installation and all the mess that goes with it. Having the door placed in the winter means that you and your family will likely be spending much of your time inside and will not have to deal with any of the disruptions in the garage.

If you need to get a new garage door installed, consider having it installed during the winter. Be sure to ask for any discounts that are available that may not be advertised. Many companies are looking for business this time of year and are willing to go above and beyond to entice you. When you are choosing a company, make sure there are no black-out months when they do not work. This may not be a big deal in most states, but you could encounter this in areas that see high levels of snow.