Fences are a great addition to any house because they can make your home more secure and private. Two of the most popular fencing materials to choose from are wood and vinyl, with wood fences having a few advantages over vinyl. Two reasons to choose wood over vinyl are wind tolerance and customization. 

Wind Tolerance

A wooden fence is typically going to be quite a bit stronger than vinyl in certain situations because the various planks are going to be fastened to the railing and posts much more securely than they would be on a vinyl fence. This means that a wood fence is going to be able stand up to strong winds, while a vinyl fence can sustain heavy damage as the vinyl strips bend and twist in response to the wind. Now, you can mitigate this problem by installing a vinyl fence that has internal reinforcements in the fence posts, but that will increase the cost of the vinyl fence.

This can be a huge problem because repairing a vinyl fence is more costly than repairing a wood fence. When you repair a wood fence, all you really need to do is replace the broken or damaged planks.

However, when a vinyl fence becomes damaged you will often have to replace an entire section of fence. This is because you typically do not have individual planks of vinyl, but large panels that can be several feet long. In addition, it is not uncommon for vinyl fence components to be discontinued, which means that you may not be able to find an exact match for your existing fence if you need replacement panels or rails.


Wood fences are extremely popular for those people that want to be able to customize the exact fence that they want. A wood fence can be built out of many different types of wood, which gives you a huge number of color options. 

In addition, you can customize a wood fence by having various designs carved into the wood, or by having the planks carved into unique shapes. This is not really feasible with vinyl, mostly because vinyl can be hard to cut. In many cases, attempting to cut vinyl can lead to the material splitting or breaking.

Speak to a fencing contractor today in order to discuss the many wood fence options available to you. A wood fence is superior to a vinyl one because it has higher wind tolerance and a lot of customization options.