A house on the coast is a wonderful place to raise a family. However, living near the coast also means having to deal with hurricane season each year.

Since your home's windows are an expensive part of its architecture, you need to protect all of that glass during hurricane season. 

Prevention of Projectiles

It is much easier to prevent objects from flying in the wind than it is to deal with the damage they have caused after the fact. Living in an area prone to hurricane-force winds means that you need to actively prevent your outdoor possessions from flying around in a storm. 

When a storm is coming onshore, make sure that you secure all of your family's:

  • patio furniture
  • barbecues
  • children's toys
  • tools

In addition, you should keep all of your trees well trimmed of any dead branches. Tree branches are a serious problem in a storm, and by removing dead branches you can prevent them from snapping off and heading towards your house at 100 MPH during a storm.

If everyone in your neighborhood takes these simple steps, there will be a whole lot less stuff flying around that can damage people and property.

Preparation of Windows

Over the last decade, window manufacturers began mass-producing windows that are impact resistant. Typically, these windows are rated as "hurricane glass." 

Living in a hurricane prone-area, you should have hurricane glass for all of your home's windows. If you do not, then you will need to install exterior protection during every storm.

Installation of Shutters or Plywood

If your home does not have impact-resistant windows, then you will need to install a physical barrier between the outdoor space and your home's windows. For a permanent solution, you can install shutters. Another option is to have wooden storm windows that you attach when a storm is on its way.

If a storm is brewing, and you don't have time to do anything else, you can always nail plywood over your windows. The plywood will take enough of the force off of flying projectiles that it can prevent your windows from breaking. 


Living through hurricane season on the coast is always a stressful time. By properly preparing your home's windows to survive an impact from a flying object, you will be protecting your investment in your home, as well as the safety of your family.

If you are interested in installing impact-resistant replacement windows, then a local window replacement contractor like Fas Windows and Doors can assist you in selecting the best windows for your unique situation.