Trusting that your garage door opens and closes each time you need it to is important, as you likely do not want to experience being trapped in or out of your garage space, right? Not only do you want to be confident that your door functions properly each time that you need it to, but you will also want to be certain that your door is operating safely. To avoid potential car damages or potential injuries, there are many tests and inspections that you can perform on your own:

Reversal Tests

Performing a reversal tests regularly is important, as this can help you avoid damages to your car when backing in or out of the garage. When performing a reversal test, you will want to open the door and then close it. While the door is coming down, stick out a long piece of wood or a large and durable object so that the door will come in contact with it. Once your door strikes the object you are holding out, your door should immediately retract and open back up. If your door continues to close on the object then you will want to have your door repaired or replaced by a professional

Sensor Inspections

A sensor inspection is critical, as you will want to be confident that your door never closes on you or your vehicle. To inspect your door sensors, you will want to again open the door and shut it. While your door is closing, place an object in front of the door sensor and your door should retract back open. This allows you to be worry free from your door closing on you, so you can prevent potential injuries or car damages.

A Visual Test

Doing a visual test often is always best, as listening to the sounds and viewing the condition of your garage door components will allow you to obtain replacement parts before any defective issues create potential damages. Always look out for rust and listen for squeaks, as these can be indicators that your door is in need of new components.

By performing these garage door opener maintenance services regularly, you can be a bit more confident that your door will work and operate like you need it to, so you can avoid damages to your vehicle and avoid having your garage door become stuck on you. So, be sure that you take a few minutes each month to perform minor tests, as these tests will allow you to be confident that your door is functioning safely.