The concrete walkway is a valuable part of your home's exterior design. The flexibility in design choices and overall durability make concrete one of the most popular walkway material choices for the home. However, concrete that is in ill repair can be an all-out eyesore that drops the curb appeal of your home dramatically. If you have a walkway that is in terrible need of a little tender, loving care, it is a good idea that you consider a refinishing project. Getting in touch with a concrete contractor is always a good choice, but the repair process is fairly simple to achieve on your own.

What You Will Need for Concrete Refinishing

The key to a successful concrete repair project is to initially obtain the right materials for the job. You will need a high-quality concrete refinishing mix that can be obtained at your local home improvement store. Be sure to opt for products that are specifically designed for refinishing, as these contain epoxy that is designed to adhere to existing structures and hardeners that will give a smooth finish when the job is complete. You will also need several tools for applying the mixture, such as concrete trials, a large float sponge, and an edging tool for creating a finished perimeter. For preparation, be sure to grab a coarse wire brush to clean away crumbling concrete and debris.

The Initial Coat of Concrete Refinishing Product

Properly prepare your concrete walkway surface by washing with a hose and brushing away any loose material and debris. Clear the area of grass and weeds that may get in the way while you work. For the initial coating, prepare a slurry coat with the refinishing product that is a little more thin. The thin mixture will seep into pores and crevices so you can achieve an even appearance that is well sealed from the elements. Use the float sponge to evenly spread the mixture over the expanse of the walkway, paying careful attention to problematic areas.

Adding the Final Coat and Filling Holes

The final mixture of concrete refinishing product should be more dense and offer you the stability to build up broken edges with your trials. Make sure the product is mixed thoroughly and according to the manufacturer's directions. Apply this mixture directly over the thin slurry coat and carefully smooth discrepancies as you move along. Be sure to pay close attention to edges and lips by using the edging tool to create a finished appearance along every edge.

Your newly refinished walkway should be ready for foot traffic within a day or two. If you run into any issues while you are in the process of completing the project, do not hesitate to contact a concrete professional, such as Robert R. Andreas & Sons Inc., for advice.